Thanksgiving decoration

Hello my friends, I'm sorry but, due to the Thanksgiving celebration and in preparation for Christmas time, today we will not have my weekly creation. But don't worry, this week you will have more surprises! I have a new project that excites me a lot #FrozenFridays, it will start this coming Friday, so dont forget to come back … Continue reading Thanksgiving decoration


Snoopy & Woodstock Vinylmation

It´s time for a new #VinylmationMonday. This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, so I wanted to do something related to this american holiday. I´m mexican and I never really celebrated this day in my country, so I´m very excited to start a new tradition with my husband here in the US, my new home! Thinking about Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading Snoopy & Woodstock Vinylmation