La Catrina Vinylmation, Happy Día de Muertos!!!

Hello, this is #VinylmationMonday and today I will present “The Catrina” to celebrate “Día de Muertos” (Day of the dead)

As a Mexican, I love to share this beautiful tradition!


A lot of people think that “Día de Muertos” is the Mexican Halloween, but, it is false. We celebrate “Día de Muertos”  on November 2nd, it is a prehispanic tradition with the purpose of conmemorate and remember our relatives or friends that have passed away. It can sound like a sad tradition, but it is not, instead we celebrate with joy and happiness their lives.


Some people decorate the graves at the cemmeteries , but it is more common to build altars at home. This are decorated with flowers (mostly marigolds and other purple flowers), candles and colored paper. The tradition says that the spirits will come this night to visit us, so their favorite food and drinks will appear in the altar plus the traditional “Pan de Muerto” (bread of the dead) and candies like “Sugar skuls” and yes the skulls are traditionally made of sugar.

In some places the altars are little and simple in one table around the house, but sometimes the altars can be the size of a room, and they can be expanded to the streets, making a beautiful and colorful ambiance!

catrina 1 x4

catrina 2 x4

La Catrina in Mexico is the personification of the dead and its always remembered as an elegant female skeleton. The illustrator, cartoonist and printmaker José Guadalupe Posada created her around 1910 as a simbol of satire. Later on in 1948 Diego Ribera painted her and named her as  “La Catrina” in “Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central”.


Catrinas from José Guadalupe Posada, Diego Rivera and Ander Cardinale

Nowadays the Catrina is a big icon for the “Día de Muertos”, and you can find figures of her in all kind of materials: wood, clay, paper maché. Of course its a very popular costume choice..

If you want to learn a little bit more you can check this video from #elpulso

Hope you like it and Feliz Día de Muertos!!!




*Vinylmation is a trademark from the Walt Disney Company

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