Elton John Vinylmation

Today is #VinylmationMonday and my new creation is inspired by the great Sir Elton John.

A few days ago I visited San Francisco with my husband, Mark, and we had the amazing opportunity to see Sir Elton John in concert!

Mark and I

It was my first time, seeing him, and it was fantastic. It was a great show, I was so impacted that I decided to dedicate this #VinylmationMonday to him!

elton Johnx4

This figure comes with different symbols representing him:

1.- The blue glasses with a star, he always uses different kinds of glasses  with different colors and exotic frames, plus the star because he is a big star:

Elton John glasses

2.- The ears:

The right ear has a rainbow, because Elton is a big gay icon!!

The left ear, you see yellow bricks  for his famous song “Goodbye yellow brick road” (1973):


3.- The rocket on the jacket, which makes reference to his song, “Rocket Man” (1972), one of his most famous:


4.- The earring couldn´t be forgotten:

Elton John earring

and the last one

5.- His awesome shoes: 20151109_101338-1elton jhon shoes

Hope you like it and see you next #VinylmationMonday





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