Mickey Mouse Vinylmation

Hello everybody, time for a new #VinylmationMonday. Today I chose my favorite character in the entire world, my dear Mickey Mouse, November 18th is his 87th birthday, so let’s celebrate him the entire week!


Mickey Mouse made his official debut in the short film “Steamboat Willie” on November 18th, 1928!

People always ask me why I love Mickey so much, and it is simple, he is always a positive character, always looking for the bright side, he believes in everybody and will cheer you up all the time. He is a leader and a friend, intelligent and silly, he is simply the best character in the world!


My Vinylmation is based on Mickeys appearence in the short “Mickey´s Birthday Party” that was released in 1942.

03Mickey Mouse

At the end of the short Mickey finds himself with all the cake!
Mickey 1 x4

Here is the short

02Mickey Mouse

Hope you like it, and help celebrate Mickey´s 87th birthday!



*Mickey Mouse, Vinylmation, and all the characters from the short are trademarks of the Walt Disney Company

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