Vacations have arrived and we are going to Mexico to celebrate Christmas with the family! This #VinylmationMonday you can see 2 Vinylmations I made some Christmas ago! I´ll be back next year with more Toy Transformations! Have a Magical and Merry Christmas and a Fantastic Amazing New Year! Love,  


Goofy as Olaf #FrozenFriday

Hello everybody, another week has past and finally its FRIDAY! It means it´s time for another cool #FrozenFriday! We have seen Mickey as Kristof and Pluto as Sven, today I´m sharing with you the funny Goofy as the sweet snowman Olaf! Do you notice any difference? This Toy Transformation was not an easy one because physically Goofy and … Continue reading Goofy as Olaf #FrozenFriday