Mickey as Kristoff #FrozenFriday

In my first #FrozenFriday I have the pleasure to share with you my #ToyTransformation of Mickey Mouse to Kristoff from “Frozen”


You know how much I like to transform figures, and make something new and exciting, well here it is, my Mickey-Kristoff transformation:


Before        –        After

Mickey Mouse and Kristoff are a little bit different, but both of them are fixer uppers trying to help and cheer everybody up!

Mickey X4.1


Mickey X4

After Toy Transformation

Kristoff is an outdoor man who lives in the mountains working with ice, wearing warm and heavy clothes to be able to survive the cold.

With that little information, I added the needed parts to make the transformation:


Kristoff basics: hat, mittens, boots, coat, sash and rope





-You want to talk about a problem? I sell ice for a living.

Hope you like it! Don’t forget to check next Friday for the next #FrozenFriday!



*Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Kristoff are trademarks of the Walt Disney Company

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