Tay and Nick Vinylmations

Hello everyone, time for a new #VinylmationMonday!

Today I’m sharing with you these two very special Vinylmations, they are based in two special kids.I met them at the beginning of this year when I was working for Disney World, and they have become almost like a niece and nephew: Tay and Nick.


Tay and Nick with Me (The Drummer Boy)

Tay is a beautiful girl just starting her teenager years, very sweet, a  little bit shy and very pretty with her beautiful long blond hair.


tay x 4

Nick is an adorable boy who loves to play with Legos, he is a big fan of super heroes, very extroverted and has lots of energy.


Nick x 4

I made them with winter clothes because they are from Canada and right now I can imagine them in the cold weather playing with the snow, having snowball fights, making snow angels or maybe building a snowman!

Hope you like them!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




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