Pluto as Sven #FrozenFriday

Hello everybody, today is Friday, but it is not an everyday Friday, it is a very cool one, a FROZEN ONE, today is #FrozenFriday.

Last week I shared with you my Mickey Mouse -Kristoff toy transformation, and this week it’s the turn for his best friend, Pluto as Sven, the loyal dog as the loyal reindeer!


You can see the toy trasformation here


Before and After

Pluto and Sven are the perfect match for this toy transformation, and both of them don’t talk, but they have such a strong personality with their face and the body language. By the way Sven a lot of times behaves more like a dog than a reindeer!




After Toy Transformation

To make this transformation first of all I needed to add the antlers and the fur to survive the cold weather. Even though Pluto is now a reindeer, I added the tale of a dog which is different from the original figure.





Hope you like it!




*Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Sven and Kristoff are trademarks of the Walt Disney Company

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