The Beast Munny

Hello everybody,

I haven´t been able to publish anything in the last weeks, I´ve been busy.

Oh well, but today here is my post,it is not a Vinylmation, it is a Munny, similar to a Vinylmation, it is an art toy, a white canvas waiting to be something AWESOME! Instead of #VinylmationMonday, today will be #MunnyMonday!

The Beauty and the Beast from Disney is one of my favorite movies, and the Beast is one of my favorite characters as well.

Here is the Beast in a Munny figure:


You can see his four sides and the beautiful details in glitter, microbeads and paint!


The Beast is giving a tour of his castle


The Vitral with his story is one of his favorites spots



He loves his ballroom


His entire library was given to Belle, because she loves books!

If you want to see more about Munny check the video

Hope you like my Munny Toy Transformation.

Love and see you next time!



Munny is property of Kid Robot
The Beauty and the Beast, The Beast, Belle, Vinylmation are property of the Walt Disney Company

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