El Pato Piñata

Hello to everyone, it has been a long time since my last post, I want to apologize, it is because I´ve been very busy doing different stuff.

When I moved to Norman I noticed some big rubber duck sculptures in the parks around the city, and I was very interested in them, they are like giant toys (you know how much I love making toys), I wanted to participate for sure. They are part of the Samo Ducky Project, it consists in designing duck sculptures around Norman´s parks. To learn more go to http://www.samoducky.com

If you follow me on Facebook  www.facebook.com/ToyTransformation/ or Instagram http://www.instagram.com/ander_cardinale/ you could see the process  of this project.

The first step was a design on paper of how I would paint the duck,  and to be sure my design worked in a 3D surface, I painted a little rubber duck too, and I loved the result!

The design was based on the Mexican piñatas. I love to make piñatas with paper maché, and it was something that I enjoyed so much when I was younger: Because of that I wanted to share this memory about my culture with more people!



Here I am with the Fiber Glass Sculpture ready to be painted!


I enjoyed so much working with this Ducky, even my dog Blacky was helping me.

On April 24th to celebrate the Earth Day, The Norman Art Council and Norman Public Arts Boards revealed the newests Ducks, including mine.


The Three 2016 Samo Duckys: “Duck with Blue Shadow” by Darcy Lenker, “Lego Duck” by Vasili Lucas and “El Pato Piñata” by me




Hope you like it!

Love, quack!





One thought on “El Pato Piñata

  1. Roberto says:

    Felicidades Ander, increíble trabajo. Ojalá después podamos deleitarnos acá en México con una exposición tuya. Saludos!!!


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