Audra´s Retro Hair Salon

Hello everyone,  my latest project was a commision for Audra, my husband´s hair Stylist, you can follow her on her facebook

This project consisted of a shadow box for a hair salon with a retro style, with blue and pink colors. It´s very simple, but with great details.

When I make models or dioramas, I love to mix different materials, the usage of them will gives you a realistic effect. One of my favorite materials is paper, scrapbooking paper is great for the walls. For the furniture I used balsa wood, it is so easy to cut, I painted with acrilics and glossy varnish to give that retro shining look.

For the sign, I cut the letters and the squares with my Cricut/ExploreAir to have a very nice and clean cut.




Work in progress.



The beautiful manequin before the wig and makeup!

For the manequins head and some parts from the chair, I used Italian clay “Das”, I love to use it, it is so easy to use and you can sand it when it dries.

The coushins for the chair are made with fabric and foam, I added some little pin details to make it more realistic.

I believe perfection is in the details, I love to add little things to make magic, like the cables from the hair dryers, the scissors or the hairspray bottles.29


The shadowbox is ready!


Audra install ed it in her salon!


I hope you like this project!

see you soon,




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