Robin Hood Figures

Hello everyone, I have been working in a really cool project that arrived to my hands by coincidence, you know I love toys and I am a toy collector,  I enjoy finding them, sometimes online, garage sales or antique shops. I do not mind finding them a little damaged or used, because I can give them a toy transformation.


Disney figures are so important to me, I am trying to have figures from every movie.

From the movie Robin Hood (1973) , I had only the main character from McDonalds (1997).

I was looking online for more figures to have a companion for Robin, and I found this old toys from Revell made in 1974.

I received the figures already with some missing parts…



… the missing parts are not a problem… the figures are so cool, and I have been working already on them, little by little, I will be showing you the different characters.

Come later and check them out!

see you later, love,



*Robin Hood and all the character are property of the Walt Disney Co.

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