Bewitched Vinylmations

Hello everyone,

It is Halloween, I remember last year when I opened my blog it was Halloween, I shared with you the 3  little ducks (Donald nephews) and here we are a year later.

This year I have made two special vinylmations, my two favorite witches: Samantha and Endora from Bewitched.

I enjoyed that TV show so much when I was little, and I always wanted to have some toys from the show, and finally I have two figures.

bewitched-01 I decided to make Samantha flying and wearing witch clothes like in the show intro, I love the Hanna-Barbera drawings.


Samantha is flying on her broom and on the bottom I added some buildings. samantha

For Endora I used the Mickey ears as part of her hair, and I added more hair too, the two circles were not enough, LOL, I love her exotic hair style. And I added some gems for the earrings and the rings, she used to wear big jewels!


Hope you enjoyed my newest creations,

Love and Happy Halloween!!!



Vinylmations are property of the Walt Disney Company
Bewitched, Samantha and Endora are properties of the ABC

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