Nativity Scene

Hello Everybody,

Christmas will be here very soon, and I have been enjoying this season so much, I have been busy decorating the entire house, we have 6 Christmas trees, Christmas Lights outside, decoration in the lamps, Christmas trains, a Lego Christmas Village, the fireplace is decorated, garlands here and there, centerpieces on every table…

…For all of the Christmas decorations my mom has been a big inspiration, she tought me so much growing up, I helped her to decorate, and usually, I was in charged of the Nativity Scene. We had a big set with the Holy Family, the three kings,  shepherds, sheeps, angels and tons of other animals, and used it to make a big scene. I always tried to incorporate a pond, sometimes even with real water.

The Nativity Scene is my favorite part of our Christmas decorations. Actually I collect them, and I put some of them around the house during the Holidays.

I have Nativities from Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, even from here in the US from Santa Fe, but I have one very very special, it is an Italian one. It is a Fontanini, my husband gave it to me last year, and I adore it!


Last year we put it at the floor level under the Christmas tree, but this year we have a precious dog and we didn’t want to see him with baby Jesus in his mouth. We decided to put it on top of the piano.

I wanted to make a diorama to keep and reuse,  you can see the process here. I started with cardboard and paper mache, then paint, texture and voilá here it is!

Hope you like it!










Hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!




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