My Little Brony

Hello Everybody, 

In this post I am sharing something very special to me. This is an old project, but thanks to this I realized I can make toys!
When I was a kid I always played with my toys, they were my safe place, and I had millions of them, I was a very happy kid, I can not complain.
There were a few toys I always wanted, but they were girls toys! One of them was, “My Little Pony”, it was so awesome, they had everything that I look in a toy, they could run, fly, swim, plus, they are cute, they taught values and friendship, they did not break…   but I was a boy, so I couldn’t have them…
I have never forgotten that! Toys have been very important in my life, and I am sure I am not the only one, that is the reason  I have always wanted to design them for kids around the world, but I want to make them gender neutral.
When I was in college studying architecture, I realized I can make my own toys, and I decided to make my own “Little Male Pony”! Probably I made this pony in 2006 or 2007, I sculpted a original figure in clay, later I made a rubber mold and I cast them in resin later.
My original sculpture was based in “My Little Pony” (generation 3), it was similar to the female figures, but it was a little taller and a little tougher, it was a male pony or a Brony.


If you follow my posts you know I am a big Disney fan, for my first Brony that I named Pixie Dust, he is an alicorn, his hair is blue because it is my favorite color, I wanted to reflect my Disney love painting the Disney Caslte as a cutie mark and of course I hid a Mickey Mouse on his leg.


It is funny because it has the same colors as Shining Armor, and he is my favorite pony from  “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic”.
For my second Brony I wanted to make him a little manlier (for sure, lol), he is named Ferrari Brony and it was inspired by the Ferrari brand, painted in a a shining red color with the Scuderia Ferrari symbol as a cutie mark .
Hope you liked them and remember “My Little Pony“is not for girls anymore!



“My Little Pony” and “Shining Armor” are Trade Marks property of Hasbro.
“Disney Castle” and “Mickey Mouse” are Trade Marks property of The Wlat Disney Company.
“Ferrari” and it’s Logo are Trade Marks property of Scuderia Ferrari.





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