Nightmare Moon

Hello everybody,

I am very happy to share this new Toy Transformation,  I enjoyed the entire process so much. I wanted to make a Little Pony, and finally I did it!

I found this Little Pony “Princess Luna”  in a garage sale, she was in desperate need of a Toy Transformation.


This “Princess Luna”  is a figure from the set called “Design-A-Pony” from Hasbro. wp-1484276329180.pngEverybody knows “Princess Luna”  became a villan in My Little Pony,  Friendship is Magic her jealousy transformed her into “Nightmare Moon”.  For This Toy Transformation I decided to make her into the evil version.


Before and After



Nightmare Moon was a great project,  I used tons of glitter to give her a special magical look. Pay attention to all the details made with glitter. Her Eyes and the moons in her cutie marks glow in the dark!



Hope you like her as much as I do,



My Little Pony, Design-A-Pony, Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon are trademarks of Hasbro Inc.

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