The Beast Cup

Hello everybody,

This Toy Transformation consists of a cup that I have had since I was very young, it is the Beast Cup from “The Beauty and the Beast”.

The cup was part of a collection of 4, each cup with a different character: Cogsworth, Lumiere, The Beast and Belle. They were part of a chocolate company promotion in Mexico when the movie came out in 1991.


The entire collection

We had all of them at my parents house, and I only kept mine “The Beast”, I do not know what happened with the rest.

I always loved my cup, but I always wanted to give it a Toy Transformation, make it more authentic and change that plastic and cheap look.


Before and After





The Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney characters, with the new movie coming in March, I wanted to have this cup ready for the event.


Hope you like it,



The Beauty and the Beast, The Beast, Cogsworth, Lumiere and Belle are property of the Walt Disney Co.

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