Peacekeeper Pony

Hello everybody,  

I am sharing with you, at this time a very simple, but very meaningful Toy Transformation. 

Lately I have been very sad about the world,  unknown presidents,  divided nations,  alternative facts,  hate,  lies,  bullying, trust problems. I am very heart is broken. Recently I do not like to watch the news, because they only report on depressing events,  even Facebook is felling the same. 

I am a little frustrated right now,  because I do not know what to do to contribute a little bit to make a better world.  It is silly and simple,  but I hope you can smile with my Toys Transformation! 

It is a Pony Toy Transformation,  from Rainbow Dash to Peacekeeper Pony.  She is crying because she does not know what to do to keep Peace on Earth! 



Her cutie mark is a white dove symbolizing Peace,  her mint green color symbolizes Calm and the blue hair symbolizes Hope.  She glows in the dark to remind us that even in the darkest moments we need to have peace! 



Hope you like it,  

Peace and love, 




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