Hello everybody, 

In this post I’ll show you an original Toy Creation, it is a Jumping Jack Puppet. 

Norman Arts Council (NAC) invited me with other Oklahoman artists to participate in their Annual ONE event, this year the theme was April’s Fools. 

The purpose of the event is in support of the arts in the Norman community, there’s an art auction and raffle. 


For this year I decided to make a collectible toy, following the theme,  I create a Jester Jumping Jack puppet. 


This type of puppets has different articulations and a very simple mecanism that allows the figure to have movement.  


The figure is made with many materials including: clay, wood, cardboard, beads and of course **GLITTER**. The color palette consists in 3 main colors: gold, blue and pearl. All the details are made with gold glitter (don’t worry it is sealed, it won’t be all over you, lol). The pulling rope has beads with the same colors as the figure. 






The Jester comes in his own case, so he can be displayed and protected at the same time. 


As always, the purpose of my toy is to make people happy. At the event I experienced a priceless moment, the guy who bought my Jester, came to me to hug me and thank me, because he loved it very much. 

With my creations I am hoping to make this world a better and happier place. I hope you like my “Jester”  as much as I do, and I hope you smile while you read this post. 

Love, Kisses and Magic,  



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