The Love Gnomes

Hello everyone, in this post I have the pleasure to share with you a toy creation “The Love Gnomes”.

My friends Jessica and Jack are getting married and they honored me with a special request, they asked me to make their wedding cake topper. They ask me to make it with gnomes instead of humans and they trusted me and  gave me all the freedom for the design. 

This is a quick sketch I made to communicate with Jessica and Jack the concept idea, which they loved, you can see the gnome couple together and the hats make a heart shape. 


After the sketch was approved, I started sculpting the gnomes in clay.



Once more the sculpted figures were approved and I continue to paint them.



Here you can see the gnome version of Jack.


Here you can see the gnome version of Jessica.


Jessica sent me photos of her dress and she told me color ideas for Jacks suit. The hats are burgundy color, because it is the dress color for the bridesmaids.

The next photo shoot was taken in my backyard, I wanted to give the idea of a wedding photo shoot.






Here is the happy couple saying “I Do”


Now I only want to wish all the love in the world for this happy couple.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

Love and Magic,



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