Gabby the Griffin

Hello everybody, this time I made a toy transformation inspired in a character from My Little Pony TV show. 

I love all the characters from My Little Pony, and I enjoy when there’s other creatures besides ponies; the griffins are kind of my favorites. Gabby is a young, hyper and cute Griffin that I simply adore. 


I made this toy transformation over an articulated Rainbow Dash. In the image below you can see the before and after. 


I used clay over the wings, head and articulations to make the new shape. 


Here is the result!

The griffins don’t have a cutie mark, and if you know Gabby, you know she earned hers with the help of the Cutie Mark Cruzaders, in my toy transformation, Gabby has a different one.

03 x 4

She loves to fly! Here are some images of her! 




If you want to know more about Gabby or you want to watch a video of her, click the link below. 

Hope you like it, 

Love and magic 


Gabby and My Little Pony are trademarks property of Hasbro 33




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