Rainbow the Unicorn Boy

Hello everyone,

In this post I want to share with you two of my very special toys, Rainbow the Unicorn Boy and Proud Heart the Unicorn.

unicorn boy and unicorn

I designed Rainbow with a horn and multi-color hair, he is a unique character who is a HERO for the LGBTQ community, he is a protector of every single kid suffering bullyng.

x4 Vertical

Rainbow the Unicorn Boy 4 views

x4 Horizontal

Proud Heart the Unicorn 4 views


Here is the story of Rainbow and Proud Heart:

“Once upon a time in a faraway land where all the kids were born gray, something magical happened, a sweet cute little boy was born with multi-color hair and a golden horn, his name was Rainbow but the people use to called him Unicorn Boy.
When Rainbow was growing up, he did not have a lot of friends, they use to called him names, bother him or just ignored him. He would love to be friends with them, but they were not nice to him, just because he was different. Actually Rainbow had a lot of friends, they just happened to be the animals in the woods, he loved his friends the owls, bunnies, skunks, raccoons, mice, squirrels and all the other cute animals.

One day Rainbow tried to play with the kids and be friends with them, but everything went wrong, they bothered him even more than normal, they broke some of his prized possessions. He was very sad, he ran in tears into the woods to find his animal friends, and they tried to comfort him and cheer him up, he could not stop crying. Then they all saw a beautiful light coming from the trees…

From the light a beautiful unicorn appeared, his name was Proud Heart. Rainbow was in shock, he could not believe he was meeting a unicorn
-Stop crying sweet boy, dry your tears.
Rainbow explained everything to Proud Heart
-You are very different from the other kids, they do not understand you, and you have a bigger heart with more love to give. Look at me, we are not so different, we have multi-color hair and a golden horn, I will always be with you! Together we will protect all the other kids that are different, and do not feel that they belong to this world. We will share love and happiness and bring color to this gray world! You must first love yourself and be PROUD of who you are.
Suddenly Rainbow understood and agreed to protect other kids like him, after that moment a heart with wings magically appeared on his right arm.
Proud Heart and Rainbow went out coloring the world, sharing happiness, love and pride -inspiring and protecting all the sweet multi-colored kids living in the shadows.
These kids later on became the Hunkys, and like Rainbow they protect the world from the evil forces of bullying!”

Unicorn Boy in progress

Rainbow was made in clay, acrylic paint, flocking powder and glitter.


Rainbow has a heart tattoo which means being proud of yourself.


Hope you like him,

Love and Magic,



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