About Me

I’m Ander and I’m a creative person…


I am an Architect, Designer and a Toy Artist; I like to find the jolly and playful side to every project I create. As a Toy Artist I love make unique, colorful, exciting and appealing pieces.

I was born and I grew up in Mexico in many different cities. After my years at the University I traveled and lived in the US and France, now I´m established in the US with my husband Mark.

I’ve been a toy collector since I can remember, because of my toys I was always making houses and dioramas for them with wood, cardboard or Legos.

I love Disney very much, I always wanted to be an Imagineer and design theme parks for the Mouse. By following my dreams, I had the awesome opportunities to work for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

I am a big fan of Disney, Harry Potter, The Smurfs and My Little Pony, these brands inspire me to create and design toys to make people happy!!!

My big toy collection has a big variety, I don´t follow any specific way of doing it, only I follow my heart, and I collect toys that I like. Sometimes the toy is not finished well because it is made in mass prodution, or may be it is used and it needs a little help!

My toy collection guided me to start designing toys, first I started transforming toys to create something new with my repeated toys or to make them look better.

From time to time I feel like Santa Claus, Gepetto or Geri the Toy Repairman in “Toy Story 2”

norths workshop

North (Santa) in his workshop (Rise of the Guardians 2012 from DreamWorks)


Gepetto painting Pinocchio (Pinocchio 1940 from Disney)

Geri repairing Woody (Toy Story 2 1999 from Disney Pixar)

This is my portfolio/blog, I’ll share many of my projects, like Art toys,  toy transformations, crafts and more.

Hope you enjoy and have fun with everything I post!!!

Love and Magic,



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