Mickey as Scar Vinylmation

Hello everybody, This time,  I am sharing with you a Vinylmation's Toy Transformation.  I haven't worked with a Vinylmation in a long time,  I enjoyed very much working on this figure. This Toy Transformation came with a friend's  idea of mixing 2 characters: Mickey Mouse and Scar from The Lion King. It was a fun … Continue reading Mickey as Scar Vinylmation


Bewitched Vinylmations

Hello everyone, It is Halloween, I remember last year when I opened my blog it was Halloween, I shared with you the 3  little ducks (Donald nephews) and here we are a year later. This year I have made two special vinylmations, my two favorite witches: Samantha and Endora from Bewitched. I enjoyed that TV … Continue reading Bewitched Vinylmations