Bewitched Vinylmations

Hello everyone, It is Halloween, I remember last year when I opened my blog it was Halloween, I shared with you the 3  little ducks (Donald nephews) and here we are a year later. This year I have made two special vinylmations, my two favorite witches: Samantha and Endora from Bewitched. I enjoyed that TV … Continue reading Bewitched Vinylmations


Audra´s Retro Hair Salon

Hello everyone,  my latest project was a commision for Audra, my husband´s hair Stylist, you can follow her on her facebook This project consisted of a shadow box for a hair salon with a retro style, with blue and pink colors. It´s very simple, but with great details. When I make models or dioramas, I love … Continue reading Audra´s Retro Hair Salon