The Beast Cup

Hello everybody, This Toy Transformation consists of a cup that I have had since I was very young, it is the Beast Cup from "The Beauty and the Beast". The cup was part of a collection of 4, each cup with a different character: Cogsworth, Lumiere, The Beast and Belle. They were part of a … Continue reading The Beast Cup


Robin Hood Figures

Hello everyone, I have been working in a really cool project that arrived to my hands by coincidence, you know I love toys and I am a toy collector,  I enjoy finding them, sometimes online, garage sales or antique shops. I do not mind finding them a little damaged or used, because I can give them … Continue reading Robin Hood Figures

Audra´s Retro Hair Salon

Hello everyone,  my latest project was a commision for Audra, my husband´s hair Stylist, you can follow her on her facebook This project consisted of a shadow box for a hair salon with a retro style, with blue and pink colors. It´s very simple, but with great details. When I make models or dioramas, I love … Continue reading Audra´s Retro Hair Salon