Pluto as Sven #FrozenFriday

Hello everybody, today is Friday, but it is not an everyday Friday, it is a very cool one, a FROZEN ONE, today is #FrozenFriday. Last week I shared with you my Mickey Mouse -Kristoff toy transformation, and this week it's the turn for his best friend, Pluto as Sven, the loyal dog as the loyal reindeer! … Continue reading Pluto as Sven #FrozenFriday


Tay and Nick Vinylmations

Hello everyone, time for a new #VinylmationMonday! Today I'm sharing with you these two very special Vinylmations, they are based in two special kids.I met them at the beginning of this year when I was working for Disney World, and they have become almost like a niece and nephew: Tay and Nick. Tay is a … Continue reading Tay and Nick Vinylmations