Mickey as Kristoff #FrozenFriday

In my first #FrozenFriday I have the pleasure to share with you my #ToyTransformation of Mickey Mouse to Kristoff from "Frozen" You know how much I like to transform figures, and make something new and exciting, well here it is, my Mickey-Kristoff transformation: Mickey Mouse and Kristoff are a little bit different, but both of them are fixer … Continue reading Mickey as Kristoff #FrozenFriday


Snoopy & Woodstock Vinylmation

It´s time for a new #VinylmationMonday. This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, so I wanted to do something related to this american holiday. I´m mexican and I never really celebrated this day in my country, so I´m very excited to start a new tradition with my husband here in the US, my new home! Thinking about Thanksgiving, the … Continue reading Snoopy & Woodstock Vinylmation