02 Kathis House

After seeing our Christmas decorations, our friend Kathi hired me to decorate her house.

Something very important for our friend, she wanted to use all her old ornaments because they have a lot of meaning for her. I needed to fix some of them and find the perfect balance with new and old to tell a story and make a cozy, happy family environment.


This Christmas Tree is in constant rotation, the ornaments were placed all around the tree


The garland decorates this beautiful stairs

She did not want to spend a lot of money, because she has tons of decorations, one of the conditions to decorate the house was recycling, reusing and repurposing them.

In the 3 pictures below, the centerpiece and the garlands are made of branches of an old Christmas tree.


Centerpieces can be very simple and the effect can change an entire environment




I decorated the place when Kathi was not in the house, when she arrived home she was very excited and she started to cry, that emotion for me was priceless, it made my day, that is the purpose of my job.



After seeing her house so pretty she decided to organize a Christmas party at her house with her family and friends.

On Christmas morning all the family spent time together enjoying, celebrating and opening presents in front of the fire place.

Ho, Ho, Hope you like it as much as Kathi did.

Love and Magic,