Napoleon the Easter Bunny

Hello Everyone, My new Toy Transformation is a set of Easter Bunnies, I know it is not Easter time, the thing is, I found these little creatures right before Easter, and I didn´t have time to have them ready for the holiday. I was at an antique shop with my husband, in Norman. I found these … Continue reading Napoleon the Easter Bunny


El Pato Piñata

Hello to everyone, it has been a long time since my last post, I want to apologize, it is because I´ve been very busy doing different stuff. When I moved to Norman I noticed some big rubber duck sculptures in the parks around the city, and I was very interested in them, they are like giant … Continue reading El Pato Piñata


Vacations have arrived and we are going to Mexico to celebrate Christmas with the family! This #VinylmationMonday you can see 2 Vinylmations I made some Christmas ago! I´ll be back next year with more Toy Transformations! Have a Magical and Merry Christmas and a Fantastic Amazing New Year! Love,