Opera Costumes

In 2008 I participated in the “Santa Anna, Opera de Carlos Fuentes”  (Santa Anna, an Opera by Carlos Fuentes)  making few costumes.

  • Catrinas Hat and Boa:

The Catrina is a popular character in Mexico, she is the representation of the dead, very popular in the “Dia de los muertos”. She is always wearing elegant clothes.

The hat and boa were made with different kind of feathers, the most used was ostriches feathers. The flowers were painted in sepia colors representing dead nature.

03 Old projects

04 Old projects


  • Hierberas dress:

The Hierbera is a woman who knows herbs properties, people can mistake her as a witch or sorcerer.

I used a lot of raw materials like plants, flowers, trees barks, rocks, shells, etc. It has few bags for special spices. The aprons and all the elements give her some layers to represent the depth of the character.


05 Old projects

06 Old projects


  • Cake Hats:

This cake hats are part of the costumes of the french soldiers who were fighting against mexican soldiers. The cakes are making reference to the “Pastry Wars” (1838-1839).

08 Old projects


The next video is a promo for the Opera, you can see a few of the costumes


Hope you like them,

Love and Magic,