Gabby the Griffin

Hello everybody, this time I made a toy transformation inspired in a character from My Little Pony TV show.  I love all the characters from My Little Pony, and I enjoy when there's other creatures besides ponies; the griffins are kind of my favorites. Gabby is a young, hyper and cute Griffin that I simply adore.  … Continue reading Gabby the Griffin



Hello everybody,  In this post I'll show you an original Toy Creation, it is a Jumping Jack Puppet.  Norman Arts Council (NAC) invited me with other Oklahoman artists to participate in their Annual ONE event, this year the theme was April's Fools.  The purpose of the event is in support of the arts in the … Continue reading Jester

Audra´s Retro Hair Salon

Hello everyone,  my latest project was a commision for Audra, my husband´s hair Stylist, you can follow her on her facebook This project consisted of a shadow box for a hair salon with a retro style, with blue and pink colors. It´s very simple, but with great details. When I make models or dioramas, I love … Continue reading Audra´s Retro Hair Salon